How to install Car Music System – Guide 2021


When you start considering getting a Music System for a car, you need to consider its installation. Car music systems are installed in two ways:

1: Company fitted Car Music System


2: Aftermarket installed Car Music System

Car Music System Installation Guide -

In the first type of installation, only a new car comes with the company Fitted Music System. It is fitted either by the company itself at its factory or by an authorized dealer of the company. A factory-fitted music system has a customized dashboard for better fitment of the music system with proper slots for fitment. In the second type of installation, your search for a car music system as per your requirements and get it fitted from the open market.

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How to install an aftermarket Car Stereo, step by step:

Installing an aftermarket music system actually is not that difficult. If you have some basic DIY skills and tools you should be able to install your new car audio system on your own. The Installation of the Car Music System is 3 parts:

  1. Take Out the Old Music System:
    • Disconnecting all the cables from the car battery. 
    • Unscrew any screws that are securing the trim in place. 
    • Removing the trim. 
    • Pulling out of any necessary components. 
    • Loosening up the car stereo. 
    • Pulling out the car stereo from the panel. 
    • Taking a picture of how the car stereo is wired. 
    • Unplug the connections of the car stereo. 
  2. Installation of the New Car Stereo
    • Matching up of the wires. 
    • Assembling the mounting kit. 
    • Connecting the power source and other wires. 
    • Test the stereo. 
  3. Finish the Installation of Car Music System
    • Push the car stereo into its place. 
    • Place all the pieces of trim back over the stereo.
    • Try out the new stereo.

Advantages of Aftermarket installed Car Music System

  • The factory fitted speakers or Car Audio System is weak or outdated.

If your factory car stereo is weak or outdated as per the latest trends or probably is not as good as you think it is or In case audio sound quality is not clear or seems hollow, over-toned or weak. If you have any of these concerns than it is pretty obvious that you should go for a better quality aftermarket car audio system. These tone and volume are a good indicator of weak or damaged car audio systems.

Even if the sound quality of the car stereo doesn’t seem weak, it does not mean you cannot get a better system. An aftermarket car music system can provide better sound quality. A High-quality power and better designs allow an aftermarket car music system to not only be louder than the factory car stereo, but also to provide a better toned, clearer audio.

  • Aftermarket audio sources may provide many additional functions, including:
    • Touch Screen
    • Satellite radio
    • GPS navigation
    • Apple Play and Android compatibility
    • Support for Wi-Fi and other apps
    • Bluetooth
    • CD/DVD playback
  • Cost-Effective: Generally Aftermarket installed Car Music Systems are very cost-effective than the factory or Company fitted car stereo. However, here one has to make sure to choose only an expert person for fitting of car audio system.
  • Customization: In the case of the Aftermarket installed Car Music System, you can go for the customization as per your likes and taste. You can choose any brand of car music systems such as Pioneer, JBL, JVC, Sony, Harman, etc., or type of Car audio system like Single Din, Touch screen, with or without base tube, etc.

Disadvantages of Aftermarket installed Car Music System

  • Void of Car Manufacturer Warranty: Any electrical or mechanical modification in the car such as performance-enhancing accessories like installation of a music system and/or addition of an aftermarket CNG/LPG kit, unless approved by the manufacturer may void your warranty.
  • Incompatibility issue: The Aftermarket installed Car Music System may not be compatible with the car and it may have fitment issues. In this case, the aftermarket fitted car audio system may not look good and spoil the interior looks of the car.

If you need any help in the installation of the Car Music System or any guidance in installation, do write to us, we will more than happy to help you.



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