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Components of a Car Music System 2021

A quality Car Music System not only provides a good listening of music but also improves the overall interiors of a car. A Car Music System is a combination of various components consisting of a Head Unit or Car Stereo, Amplifier, Speakers, Wiring and Equalizer.

When you decide to choose a car audio system for your car, you need to take care of various components of a car music system. Today we will tell you about various components and their functions so that you can make an informed decision.

Components of Car Music System:

  1. Car Stereo – The car stereo is an integral part of any car audio system. It is usually included in the dashboard and comes with some very useful features. It is also called a Head Unit (HU), radio, or receiver. Currently, the car music system performs many different functions such as GPS Navigation, etc. which makes them very useful for drivers. The audio system control unit which is seen on the dashboard of the car is the car stereo. Most of the car stereos can play CDs, and the cost of these units starts from Rs.1,000 for a single din unit. It is recommended to buy a unit that is compatible with an AUX input and USB.
Components of a Car Music System -

Functions of Car Stereo

The head unit/Car Stereo is a major part of the car audio system because it performs many functions like:

•        The main functionality of the HU is to control the volume level, Head and controls treble and bass control, and to access different audio sources. Earlier, AM radio was the only thing available. However as technology has evolved, FM/HD radio along with MP3s, CDs, DVD players are also very popular with users. The head unit provides easy access to all of these resources.

•        If you like watching videos or need a GPS navigation system or Reverse Parking camera for parking assistance then you should go with the Double Din car music system.

•        You can also control various media players such as the iPod and view the contents of your flash drive using the head unit. Wireless access using Bluetooth is an easy way to navigate content to your music files.

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2.      Amplifiers – You may not realize the sound unless it is not strong enough. There is a device which is known as an amplifier that is used to amplify sound signal strength. Amplifiers improve the performance of the audio unit by relaying power to the speakers. This takes the load off the head unit and improves its performance.

The amplifier is generally divided into two parts. The first is known as the pre-amplifier and the second is known as the power amplifier. The input of pre-amplifiers is an audio signal from sound sources. It amplifies the signal to a certain level, sufficient to send to the power amplifier.

The power amplifier takes the input from the pre-amplifier and tightens it to a certain level, which can create enough sound. Some of the sound systems have built-in power amplifiers, mounted on the head. If you want the best sound quality, you will need good power amplifiers. They need a separate space away from the head unit due to temperature problems.

The price for an amplifier starts at Rs.3,000 (four channels) and Rs.2,000 (two channels).

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3.      Wires – A proper wiring an important component of your car audio system. Poor wiring may spoil even your most expensive audio systems. Proper wiring grounds the entire system to avoid short circuits. Cheap and low-quality wires can lead to disturbances like poor sound quality at high volumes, the flickering of lights, etc.


Installing or using not recommended wires may lead to void of car/car music system manufacturer’s warranty.

4.      Speakers – This is a well-known and important part of the car audio system.  Speakers take the output from an amplifier and convert them into mechanical power, which produces sound. There are two types of speakers in-car audio systems, i.e., coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers have low and high-frequency units molded on a single frame. These speakers are usually referred to as woofers and the high-frequency units are called tweeters. The coaxial speakers are cheap but the sound quality is not the best. In component speakers, there are separate low and high-frequency units. The Component speakers are more expensive than coaxial speakers, but they offer a better sound quality. The frequency of these speakers is between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

In short, by mixing all these speakers as per your needs, you can get better sound from your car music system.

5.      Equalizers – Other feature which manages the audio are signal processors or equalizers. These audio controls enable you to change the frequency in the music system as per your choice.


Before you change any part of the car audio system, ask yourself the questions listed below. You will be able to find out what you need to change in order to enjoy the music.

• Are your speakers working properly or do you find them broken or old? If you feel the need for new speakers, go ahead. First, think about your needs and then buy them.

• Do you find your sound system music is low and distorted? If so, you will need to find new amplifiers, which can boost the signal and you can have strong signals.

Does your car make so much noise? While driving, the sound of a car’s engine, road, and surroundings can be distracting. All you need is the sound of deadly things. This will bring in unnecessary noise and vibrations, and allow you to enjoy your music.

• Can’t hear the music well? Add new subwoofers to your car audio systems to enjoy low bass sounds in your songs.

• What do you use as your music source? If you want to use your phone or flash drive as a music source, make sure your head unit is working.

• Do you travel a lot and even with your family? If you like to travel long distances alone or with your family, then you can think of a change. You can replace the video receiver with just the audio.

The conclusion

So when considering the components of your car audio system, keep in mind that the head unit, amplifier, and speakers all have to match perfectly to make your music sound good. Check how your current system sounds before making any changes.

Do not forget that expensive sound systems do not improve, although finding the right accessories for your headphone will make a big difference. So, keep making changes if your current boring factory system is not working. There is no fun driving your car without good sound music!



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