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Best Car Music Systems Under Rs. 5000

Are you looking for a good car music system that has enough features and value for the price? But you are unable to decide which one is the best. Don’t worry we are here to clear your confusion.

1. Dulcet DC-D9000X 220W Detachable Front Panel Universal Fit Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo

This is one of the best car music systems you can find at such a low price, though its price is low, it doesn’t compromise with its features.


•        It has options of multiple connectivity, you can connect to it using USB, SD card, Bluetooth, and using built-in FM Stations.

•        It is specially designed to make it anti-theft which means it has a detachable panel that helps you detach it after you use your car and put it in a protective case, thus making it completely safe.

•        It comes with a Remote control feature that helps you control it without touching it, which is beneficial especially for passengers of Rear Seat, who can easily operate it without touching it.

•        It comes with multi colour backlight which gives you a different experience especially when you are driving in the night, especially when you are driving at night.

It has numerous other features also like 4 x 55W amplification, a Universal-fit body, AUX Input, and much more.

So, this product is a value for money as it provides you several features for which others charge too much.

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2.Pioneer MVH-S219BT Car Stereos

If you are looking for an affordable car music system for your car, this can be a great option as it can give you an overwhelming and Hi-Tech experience while driving.

Pioneer MVH-S219BT-car-music-system

•        It provides you with Bluetooth technology so that you can operate the stereo without any hassle of wires.

•        You have the facility to attend hands-free calls in it and simultaneously concentrate on driving as well.

•        The built-in mic can help you to attend your calls in very good quality and in a hassle-free manner.

•        The light of the LED screen can be easily switched off or dimmed so that you do not get distracted by the illuminations while you are on the go.

•        It also comes with 2 years of Brand warranty, so you can use the stereo without any worries and get it replaced if something goes wrong within the warranty period.

•        Its fine and elegant design will increase the look of the car several times and will give your car a finished look.

This can be a good and cheap but highly rated option if you are looking for a touch screen music system.

3. SoundBoss SB-49 Bluetooth Wireless Car Stereo

This is yet another affordable car music system with several features:

SoundBoss SB-49 Bluetooth-car-music-system

•        It supports multiple connectivities including Bluetooth, AUX, USB and SD card which can help you connect all the devices at once and save yourself from the hassle of changing the devices after each go.

•        It has 4 x 50W outputs which can increase the power and depth of the song to different extents thus making your music completely enjoyable.

•        ID3 with colourful VFD LCD Display increases its potential as it enables you to read the names of the song as they are playing.

•        It has a technology of automatic antenna activator which enables the stereo to automatically connect to FM and bring to you the latest FM Channels.

•        It also has a built-in noise filter which enhances the quality of the song many times and makes you listen to the songs without any disturbances.

So, if you are fond of music and multiple functionalities at a very low price you can definitely check it out as it can be a very good option at such a low price.

4. Onix OCS-03 Car Stereo

Yet another amazing Car music system with multiple functionalities.

Onix OCS-03-car-music-system

•        It gives you the option to control Bass, Treble, and fade as listen to your songs in your comfort.

•        It also has the option of multiple connectivities using USB, Bluetooth, SD Card, and AUX.

•        It is made up of high quality and shock-resistant material so that it can be used without any worries.

•        It gives you the option to attend hands-free calls while concentrating on the road.

•        It also has remote control function which makes its usage even easier.

•        It also has 4 x 50W outputs which result in increasing the power of your stereo 4 times, making the music more entertaining.

Thus, this also comes out as an amazing option for your car which can make your car look more elegant.

5.Dulcet DC-F90X 220W Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo

Last but not the least this car stereo has special attractions which attract customers to it.

Dulcet DC-F90X 220W-car-music-system

•        It comes with a built-in Phone Holder, which is a feature of very few stereos, this makes its use even better.

•        It also provides you with multiple connectivity using Dual USB, AUX, SD Card, and Bluetooth.

•        4 Power outputs help you control the bass, treble, fader, balance, etc. of your music so that you can enjoy it in your way.

•        It has a Universal fit design so you don’t have to worry whether this stereo will get fit in your car or not.

•        Its amazing LED screen gives you an amazing experience of lighting which can overwhelm your mind.

•        It also comes with a remote control function which makes its use easier.

•        And the built-in FM stations can refresh your mind even on your hardest journeys.

It is a highly rated car music system at such an affordable price which can make your journey unforgettable.




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