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Best Android Car Music System (Car Stereo) 2021

Car Music Systems have come a long way and now we have a full-fledged working Android car audio system that delivers the best in class audio quality and also provides a lot of additional features that Android has to offer. There are many built-in apps such as Maps/GPS Navigation, YouTube, Chrome, call receiver, and many more. To make things easy we have handpicked here some of the Best Android Double Din Car Music System (Car Stereo)


The car music system is one of the most critical components of a vehicle, particularly for people that do a lot of driving. Therefore, it is very common for car owners to change their car’s audio system. At the same time, people also want their cars to look as good as possible. The best way to get these things is by installing an Android double din car stereo unit. It not only adds to the interior looks of a car but also enhances the overall music listening experience.

Therefore, we have made a list of some of the finest Best Android Double Din Car Music System (Car Stereo).

Best Android Double Din Car Music System (Car Stereo)

Today we have many brands of car stereos from top-tier manufacturing companies available in the market and compiling a list from these top aftermarket car stereo brands is not a simple task. There are many Android car stereos that you can directly put to use. Just like any other electronic product, some car stereos outperform others. Below are some of the best-in-class double din Car Music System available.

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This list represents just our own evaluation to provide people with some reliable options and does not represent any absolute opinion or definitive answer regarding any brands. These brands come with different price ranges, size and styles. You should also review them to find which one meets your need and suits your car.

1. Sony XAV-AX5000 Android Auto Car Stereo

Sony is one of the biggest and reliable names in electronics, and the Sony XAV-AX5000 is the best choice for car music system. It is a 7-inch double din Android car stereo with sleek and elegant design that perfectly fits a car’s center console.


The Sony XAV-AX5000 offers you the following benefits:


  • Sony XAV-AX5000 has a compact and straightforward design with two USB ports and Bluetooth® connectivity. It makes it easy for hands-free calls and streams wireless music from your smartphone.
  • It supports both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with easy adjustment.
  • This car stereo comes with a Capacitive Touch panel and FLAC compatibility.
  • Installing the Sony XAV-AX5000 is not tough as comes with a compact rear chassis which is far smaller than other double-DIN units. This makes it much easier to install it and leaves enough space for cabling and other accessories behind the display.
  • This stereo features an excellent superior design, which makes it a must to have added to a car.


  • Sony XAV-AX5000 doesn’t come with features like HDMI or HD radio.
  • It has no in-built Sirius XM capabilities.

Pricing: Rs. 24,950/-

2. Pioneer DMH-Z5290BT AV Receiver Car Stereo

The second car stereo in the list is the Pioneer DMH-Z5290BT. It is a 6.8 inch WVGA touchscreen In-Dash Multimedia AV Receiver. This car music system supports DVD and CD. Hence, you can play CDs and DVDs using this device. This 7 inches touchscreen provides perfect control over the music system.


In addition to that, there are hardware buttons also present so, they won’t have to worry about endless scrolling. But more importantly, Pioneer is another renowned brand, which you can trust. Here are some of the advantages of using this system.


  • The Pioneer DMH-Z5290BT comes with AppleCarPlay and Android Auto to make calls, listen to music or access messages with just a touch or a word.
  • It comes with Setup Free Smartphone Connection and WebLink to provide good experiences to in-car infotainment systems.
  • It support Full HD Video via USB and Bluetooth and enjoy true-to-life images with 24-bit True Colour Panel and 13-Band Graphic EQ
  • It provides High Speed Charging with 1.5 amperes to give your Android smartphone a quick charge, Parking Assist excellent theft protection with a removable faceplate.  


  • The installation process of this system can be a challenging task. On top of that, it can cause problems if not installed correctly.

Pricing: About Rs 25,990/-

3. Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S Android Car Stereo

The third on the list is the Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S. It may be a little on the expensive side than his competitors, but the feature it offers give good reason for this price tag. The sound quality of the stereo and the audio control are worth every single penny paying for. Some of the pros and cons of Kenwood Excelon XAV-AX5000 are as under:



  • The Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S offers many features like Built-in HD radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.
  • Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S comes with 6.75 inch High Definition LCD Display with LED Backlight.
  • This device can play the Waze, YouTube, Yelp and Next Radio Ready through Weblink.
  • It comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  •  It is Sirius XM Ready and RBDS with Radio Text Plus.
  • It provides top-notch audio quality with excellent audio control and 02 USB ports.
  • Top-end display touchscreen.


  • It may be little expensive for some users.

Pricing: Approx Rs. 25,990

4. Woodman Gold 2.0 ‘X’ Android Car Stereo (2GB/32GB)

The fourth car music system on the list is Woodman Gold 2.0 ‘X’ Android Car Stereo. It is one of the most sought-after car stereo on this list with amazing sound quality. It is quite new and it is loaded with the latest features. Besides this, here are some other advantages of using this head unit.



  • The Woodman Gold 2.0 ‘X’ Android Car Stereo comes with HD YouTube Playback with IPS Display.
    • It comes with Dolby Sound and Google Voice Support to open maps, weather, youtube, etc.
    • Woodman Gold 2.0 ‘X’ provides Drive Assist UI enables to use of main functions easily and safely while driving.  
    • It has 4G SIM Slot and automatic start of Reverse Camera to ensure easy & safe parking.
    • It is equipped with Android 9, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of secondary storage.
      • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity, USB slot, and AUX connectivity.
      • You get a year’s warranty.


• It doesn’t have support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Pricing: Rs 22,499

5. ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB / 32GB Android Car Stereo

ATOTO A6 is the one of the best Car Stereo to appear on this list. And it is no surprise as ATOTO specializes in vehicle multimedia products and provides good build quality and the strong output of the product. ATOTO pays special attention to minute details, and its products are made with care.


The ATOTO A6 provides an option to use Smartphone, BlueTooth, auxiliary as well as USB. Besides this, the device comes with Full HD 7″ 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive IPS display Touchscreen. Some of the advantages of using the ATOTO A6 Android Car Stereo:


  • The ATOTO A6 comes with a wide variety of features such as Car Navigation Stereo, Dual Bluetooth & Phone Fast Charge, making it a daunting task at first.
  • This device support In-Dash Entertainment Multimedia, Gesture Operation, WiFi and 256GB SD.
  • It comes with steering wheel audio control, Quick Booting and max 2A quick charge.
  • It has latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX feature which stream Wired Quality Sound.
  • It has Ultra powerful Toshiba pre-amplifier inbuilt with higher RMS for excellent performance and powerful output.


  • It does not good known service outlets and availability at local dealers.

Pricing: About Rs. 22,990/-


The introduction of the Android double din car stereo has changed the way people used to listen to music systems in their cars. A large screen provides total control while other connectivity options make sure that playing music is remains at your fingertips.

On top of that, the design of the Android Double Din car music system makes an add-on to the already beautiful interior of modern cars.




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